Doing Good Through Food

There are many individuals/organizations that give back to the community. I am focusing on the ones that incorporate food in their mission. If you know of a person or organization that are using food in a positive way, please email me at:


Beltzhoover Civic Association

Feed the Community Campaign was started by The Beltzhoover Civic Association (BCA) in 2011. The Campaign runs April through November each year. Dinners are FREE and held at Warrington Recreation Center, every third Sunday of the month (unless otherwise specified) at 6:00pm until the food runs out. Each month the residents of the Hilltop are treated to a hot meal. Past dinners have included, Spaghetti, Fried Chicken and Salad O Rama. The kick off for this year is Friday, April 17, 2015, it is sponsored by Rivers Casino and will feature a live jazz performance by Kevin Howard.

The biggest dinner of the year is in November. This year the date is Sunday, November 22, 2015. The members of BCA along with various churches, politicians, non-profits and community members create a Thanksgiving Feast, with all the trimmings. Turkey, Ham, Chicken, Sides, Desserts and Drinks. Many of the people they serve are elderly, and/or low income and can’t make these meals for themselves, or afford to. I am a previous member of this organization and am proud to recognize them for the great work they do for Beltzhoover and surrounding areas.

What inspired BCA to start the Feed the Community Campaign?

We were inspired after finding out that children that frequented Warrington Recreation Center were often hungry and there were several homeless people that stationed themselves at the bottom of Warrington Avenue asking for money for food.

Approx. how many people do you feed during a dinner?

We pride ourselves in feeding approximately 125 children, young adults and elderly from Beltzhoover, Knoxville, Allentown, Mt. Washington and sometimes even visitors outside of the Hilltop come to get a meal.

How can we help make this bigger and better?

We always welcome donations, sponsors and volunteers. With adequate funding we would love to offer a meal free meal to residents once a week!

How can people contact the BCA?

For more information or to make a donation please call 412-537-0384 or 412-641-0362

Cupcakes for Smiles


You may know Todd Hollis as an attorney and Partner in Hollis Trower & Associates, Inc., but what you may not know is that he also bakes! He started Cupcakes for Smiles, a confectionary ministry that attempts to uplift the spirits of individuals affected by negative experiences, personal plight or someone who is truly deserving of a smile, about two years ago.  I got an opportunity to pick his brain and find out what made him so passionate about helping people in difficult times, and how we can support him and his future "cupcake endeavors".


What inspired you to start CFS? - In an attempt to bond with my daughter I began making cakes/cupcakes for her birthday.  I saw the expression that a simple cupcake brought to the faces of the many people who ate them.  I believe that we have a responsibility to one another to pay it forward.  It also gives my daughter perspective that will prayerfully make her a more discerning and conscious person. So I thought how awesome would it be to make this a ministry that offers smiles and shows people that you care.  That ideology was the Genesis of CFS.

What are some of the groups that have benefited from your cupcakes? - We participated in the Tree of Hope Celebration sponsored by Adrienne Young for the last two years.  We have also had a great day with the Vintage Senior Center on Highland Ave with Tom Sturgill.  We also donated cupcakes to Sonya Martin's Fundraiser (a 3 yr. old little girl who was paralyzed in an automobile recently) see the flyer below.   There were also others that we visited on an individual basis. 

Approximately how many cupcakes have you served? - I'm not sure I haven't counted. The focus has simply been to provide a meaningful experience to someone who could use it. The numbers aren't really important to me.

What cupcake flavors do you offer? - We have made cupcakes using Rum, Vanilla, Chocolate and Raspberry flavoring.

Can a group or individual request a specific flavor cupcake? - CFS is privately funded.  We seek to serve as many people as possible with very limited budget.  Hence we must use flavors that the majority prefers.  As our resources grow we can increase or budget to offer a greater variety of flavors and options.

How can we help/volunteer? - We need volunteers who have a few moments to share a cupcake and a smile with some great people in our city.   Our resources are always tight we would appreciate any donations.  Our website, is set up to accept any blessings that we receive.  However we are not 501c3 certified yet so those donations are not tax deductible.