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A Day at Dunkin Donuts


I was invited to an exclusive tasting of the new cold brew at Dunkin Donuts, Squirrel Hill location. I wasn’t sure what to expect, since I am not a coffee drinker. When I arrived I was greeted with smiling faces, one of which was a fellow Food Blogger Lauren, of The Ginger Bread Girl.

After small chit chat, we were served a Cold Brew Coffee. The Cold brew is special because it doesn’t come in contact with heat, instead it is steeped in cold water, over a period of time, to extract a distinctive flavor from the coffee beans. When I sampled it and was pleasantly surprised, that the taste was better than expected. It was smooth, and wasn’t too strong. I wanted to see what it would taste like with flavoring, so I added Heath Bar syrup and a little cream to it, and it took it to another level. Chocolate makes everything better, right?

Afterwards, we were able to order entrees from the menu. When I think of Dunkin Donuts, I honestly just think about donuts, but they have a variety of other items to satisfy your taste buds. I opted for the tuna on a croissant with a side of hash browns. As we waited for our sandwiches we tried the new lemon filled croissant donut and the key lime pie square. Both were AMAZING! I honestly am not sure which I liked better. I bit one, then tasted the other and did that until they were both gone! The lemon was a flawless citrusy flavor, each bite tasted like a sunny summer day. The Key Lime pie, was a bit more subtle in taste, the crumble on top added the perfect crunch to the soft donut.

Not long after, our entrees arrived. My first bite into the croissant was like heaven. The bread was warm, soft, buttery..and so on and so on. The tuna was fresh and vibrant. I was told that the tuna came from a local market in Squirrel Hill, as this location is Kosher. Needless to say, I was so impressed with the tuna, I visited another Dunkin a few days later and ordered another sandwich.  After a few tastes of the tuna, I popped a few hash browns in my mouth. The outside had a great crunch and seasoning. At this point I was pretty full, but was excited for what was next!

Subsequently, we got the opportunity to decorate donuts! We each got a half dozen and painted them with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry frosting, and of course there were sprinkles! Thankfully, we were able to take them to go, because I honestly couldn’t eat another thing.  I had a great time learning about Dunkin Donuts and all the different food they offer. I have added them to my list of favorites.

 *Be sure to follow Dunkin Donuts on Twitter @DunkinPgh to keep up with their growing menu, contests and much more!

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