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A Delicious Way to Fight Hunger!

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Pancakes in the P.M. for the second time. This annual fundraiser is hosted by East End Cooperative Ministry (EECM). The cost for the event ranged from $10 to $40, and all ticket proceeds went to EECM to help raise money for their hunger programs. EECM was founded in 1970 as a collective response to changes in the community, born when the leaders of 18 local faith communities recognized that the troubles of the community were too great for any one of them to address alone. They have been doing a wonderful job ever since.

On Thursday evening, I walked in to the semi- crowded Pamela’s in the Strip District. The patrons were smiling and gorging on the breakfast buffet. I was greeted by volunteers at the door and was given a much needed bib (I always spill something on myself). I was seated right in front of the Mimosa and Bloody Mary Bar (LUCKY ME!!!) Although my friend hadn’t arrived yet, I decided to make my way to the buffet line, for my first plate. The first items I spotted were fruit, bagels & cream cheese. I got a small plate of fruit, and headed toward the good stuff! The first “station” was the Croissant French Toast, I piled on 3 or 4 pieces before I hit the eggs and Lyonnaise Potatoes. I absolutely love Pamela’s potatoes! They are even better than my granny’s (don’t tell her I said that)…lol. Then it was time for the MEAT. A gentleman was on standby carving fresh ham, next to that was a roaster filled with sausage and bacon. On its own separate table was a “Make your own Crepe Station” There were fresh crepes, along with fruit, nuts, brown sugar, and sour cream. I went back to my seat with a smile, because I knew was in for a treat. My waitress grabbed a mimosa (my first of three!!) for me and I was set to go. I stuck my fork in the French toast and took my first bite, I was in heaven! The croissant was rich, flavorful and delightfully drizzled with caramel sauce. It was perfect. After squeezing the ketchup on my potatoes I dug in. I don’t think I took a breather. I ate bite after bite until my plate was empty; I washed it down with my refreshing mimosa.

Afterwards, I was approached by a gentleman that was in charge of the raffles. There was one raffle for a basket filled with goodies, and the other was a 50-50 raffle. I purchased $10 worth. Right after, my friend walked in; I decided to let her catch up with me before I got my second plate. My second plate was full of the same goodness. We sat and talked for a little, and then the EECM's Executive Director, Michael J. Mingrone got on the mic. He thanked Pamela’s Diner for hosting them for the past 7 years and presented the owners with bibs signed by all the volunteers. I knew this was the perfect time for a photo opp. I walked up to the owners (Pamela and Gail) and I asked if I could take a picture with them. They smiled and responded “Yes”. I couldn’t believe it, I was so excited. We took a few pictures and I told them how much I loved their food. By this time, I was ready for plate number 3!! I decided to go with a small plate, as to not seem The night was winding down and my belly was full. They named the winners of the raffle, and I didn't win, but was happy that I participated. Pamela, herself, came to my table to inquire more about Breelicious Bites and gave me a hug goodbye. That was a perfect end to my night.

I was totally impressed with the whole event. It truly was a delicious way to fight hunger! I hope to see you there next year📷

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