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Happy 1 Year Anniversary!!!

Wow! I can’t believe it has been a year, since I started Breelicious Bites! First off, I want to thank everyone that has ever read an article, liked a post, and followed me on social media. I greatly appreciate it!  It’s been a wonderfully busy for me and I wanted to highlight some of the best events and moments of this year.

When I started my blog, I had no idea what I was doing, I love to go out to eat and take pictures and I knew that I wanted something of my own. The first event I attended was the South Side Soup Contest. It was a wonderful experience, even though the weather was horrid. It was my first and most read article; to date it has 5800 views!!!! I attended many events after that, which featured the 5 major food groups: Pancakes, Mac & Cheese, Bacon, Hamburgers and my favorite CHOCOLATE!! If I had to choose the best event of the past year…I couldn’t. Each event was unique in its own way and enjoyed every one of them.

In addition to events, of course I do restaurant reviews. I have visited so many restaurants over the past year, it’s ridiculous! Most, I don’t even write about, but there were a few that were worthy enough to get a review. Some were great, like Eddie Merlot, and others not so much….feel free to read them if you haven’t already. I plan on writing a lot more reviews this year…so stay tuned. You can also read my restaurant reviews in The Soul Pitt Quarterly Magazine!  

My travels, is one of most favorite things to write about. In May of 2015 I traveled to Kansas, and then in October, to San Juan, Puerto Rico. I had a blast both places. I tried many different foods, and enjoyed most of them. In Puerto Rico, I adored the frozen cocktails…I could go for one right now! I already have a few trips planned for this year. I just came back from the DMV area (blog post coming soon) and I will be visiting Vegas in August. I can’t wait to try Gordon Ramsey’s Beef Wellington, it’s been on my foodie bucket list for a while…ever since Hell’s Kitchen premiered years ago. I may also be going to New Orleans this year, which is another city that is known for their cuisine. It’s hard eating all this good food…but someone has to do it.

Going to all these events inspired me to host a few of my own. My friend and I hosted a Mac & Cheese contest in July and it was a huge success, especially since it was our first event. I never imagine that 100 people would buy tickets, to an event I was hosting! Then, in November we held a Holiday Vendor Showcase, which also had a large turnout. Our next event, A Touch of Soul, will be held February 20, 2016. It’s the best one yet, and the highlighted dessert is Sweet Potato Pie. This time, we are adding a live performance, wine, dancing, trivia and much more. You don’t wanna miss it!

This past year has truly been a blessing, and I am so grateful for all of you! I have met so many wonderful chefs, bloggers and foodies. I hope you continue to read all about my food journey, attend my events and eat more good food!


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