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Asiatique Thai Bistro in Bakery Square

Friday night, after hitting the gym...(yes, sometimes I go to the gym)…with my old college schoolmate, we wanted to grab something semi healthy to eat. We decided to try Thai Bistro in Bakery Square. My friend had been there before, but this was my first time. We walked in, the place was pretty empty; there was one other table that was filled with about 5 people eating, talking and enjoying the bottle of wine they brought with them. We sat down and proceeded to view the menu. I decided on Pad Se Eu as my entrée and the Thai Spring Rolls for an appetizer. I love spring rolls!! So crisp, so delicate, so flavorful…ok back to the story…. My comrade ordered the King Chicken. As we were waiting on our meals, I suddenly realized I was thirsty. I had worked up a huge sweat from the gym, well not really, but it sounds good. I called for the waitress and asked her what kind of Soft Drinks they offered. She repeated “Soft Drinks” and looked confused. She then asked if I wanted a Bubble Tea or Smoothie. I told her no, and pointed to the menu and said Soft Drinks?? She then asked if I wanted a Diet Coke. Say what??? Did she not realize I just came from the gym?? That I knew I could use a Diet Coke, but didn’t want one? I guess not, lol. I was a little offended, but laughed it off. Afterwards, I convinced her that a ginger ale would be just fine.  Shortly after the Diet Coke debacle my Spring Rolls arrived. The looked acceptable, so I was ready to dive in and feel the light crispy wrapper break as I took my first bite. I took the roll and dipped it into their “home-made sweet and tangy sauce”. I was terribly disappointed. The roll itself was bland and the sauce didn’t help. It was flat. No sweet and tangy flavor AT ALL! That was $4 down the drain..oh well, there was still hope for my entrée.

The Pad Se Eu is fresh Rice Noodles, stir fried with garlic, Bok-Choy and egg. I added chicken and shrimp. When my meal came out, I was ready to dig in. The whole dish was one note, again I was disappointed. There was no flavor. My buddy allowed me to taste hers. The King Chicken, steamed chicken with sweet and spicy sauce served on a bed of cabbage, broccoli and green beans. All the flavor that was missing from my dish was in hers. So I asked the waitress if I could have the sauce that was served with The King Chicken, to try to give my dish some life.  She agreed. Then a gentleman, brings me over a sauce, that wasn’t the same, but I tried it anyway, it did help the dish.  I soaked my noodles in it.  We ate what we could and then we both asked for to go containers. My friend received a nice, reusable container, and I got a flimsy Styrofoam one…hmm…she really didn’t like me. We giggled, paid and got the heck out of there. I wasn’t happy with the meal or customer service, thus my overall experience was negative and I will not patronize this establishment again. 

Taste of food *thumbs down* Customer Service *thumbs down* Ambiance *thumbs down*

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