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Chaz & Odette's in East Liberty, PA

I drive on Baum Blvd pretty frequently and noticed that Chaz & Odette’s restaurant was located in the building that formally housed Toast! Kitchen & Wine Bar. I was excited to try it, and finally did on Friday night. I made reservations for myself and a colleague for 8:30 PM. When I arrived I was taken up a long staircase to the upstairs dining area. The space reminded me of being in someone’s home. The fireplace was lit and the room was cozy. It felt comfortable. Our waiter arrived to take our drink order. My friend wanted a Long Island Ice Tea, but was disappointed to learn that the bar wasn’t equipped to make it, which was surprising because that’s a pretty typical drink. The night went downhill from there...

We scanned the menu and decided to share an app and a main course. We chose the Asian Angry Shrimp appetizer ($10) and the Smoked Beef Brisket Mac & Cheese ($24). As we sat, we got hungrier. We asked our waiter to bring us bread (not sure why we had to ask), while we waited. The bread was tasty and the homemade butter was a nice treat. Our food finally arrived and we began to dig in. Before I ordered the shrimp I asked the waiter how spicy it was, because I don’t do too spicy! He said it was a 7 on a scale of 1-10. He LIED!!! The shrimp was easily a 12!! I could feel my insides burning as it trickled down my throat. My friend felt the same and begged for water. It was so spicy, it was inedible for us. There was a couple seated behind us and had ordered the same dish, and the woman couldn’t eat it either.

So far they have….NO Long Islands, TOO Spicy Shrimp and a very WEIRD tasting lemonade. The lemonade was an anomaly. Sometimes when I sipped, it was tart, other times it was sweet and other times it tasted like seltzer water. I have never tasted a lemonade like that. Still am not sure if I liked it or not. We moved on to the mac n cheese. (Since I previously used a scale to rate the spiciness of the shrimp I’ll use one here too). It rated at about a 5 for me. It was definitely overpriced and the flavor was “meh”. There wasn’t much brisket on it, and it was shaved very thin, but the flavor of the brisket was good. “It seems like they were trying hard, but missed the mark", as quoted by my friend, and I totally agree.

My final assessment of Chaz & Odette’s is that I wouldn’t go back unless I really wanted some bread and fresh butter. The waiter was snarky…maybe because he had to keep walking up and down 25 steps. Plus it was way overpriced.

Ambiance*thumbs up* Customer Service*thumbs down* Taste & Value of Meal *thumbs down*

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