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Square Cafe in Braddock, PA

On Good Friday, I decided to take advantage of my day off and try Square Café for breakfast. It was my first visit to the small, swanky diner. I guess many others had the same idea as me, because the restaurant was packed. We had to wait about 15 minutes before our table was ready. While we waited, I was able to get some pictures of the exterior of the restaurant. After being seated, our waiter, Matthew, came to greet us. He was very upbeat and personable. We ordered our beverages, (hot chocolate ($3.79) for me and coffee ($2.79) for my friend) and started looking at the extensive breakfast/lunch menu. There was so much to choose from includng a large variety of vegetarian meal options.

In between conversing with my breakfast guest and checking out the cool scenery, it took me a while to figure out what I wanted. Finally I decided on the “Square Breakfast" ($9.19). 2 eggs, your choice of meat and your choice of a pancake or home fries & toast. I chose 2 scrambled eggs with cheese, chicken apple sausage and the specialty pancake that had maple and bacon in the batter (yum).  My friend ordered the same, but opted for a regular buttermilk pancake (he’s a non-meat eater).

While waiting on our food, I snapped more pictures. The restaurant was so bright and vibrant. Artwork is displayed on the walls, and is available for purchase. They also sell t-shirts, mugs and other paraphernalia. Our food arrived after about 15-20 minutes. I tried the eggs first, they were nice and fluffy..just needed a little salt. The apple chicken sausage was really good. I usually go for pork, but since I had bacon in my pancake, that gave me the pork fix I needed. Next I moved on to the maple bacon pancake. The appearance was beautiful. The pancake was oozing with real bacon pieces. I started eating the pancake and discovered it was cold. When the waiter came to check on us, we told him that both of our pancakes were a bit frigid, and he made sure we got new pancakes right away. The new pancake was perfectly warm. I covered it in syrup and finished it while it was still hot. 

The ambiance *thumbs up* and the customer service*thumbs up*

 was great. The food was so-so. I would like to go back and try something else off the menu.

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